Monday, 15 Oct 2018

Normal delivery Vs C-Section: Things you should know.

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As most of us are already aware of, the number of normal deliveries is coming down drastically. I know a lot of people who voluntarily opt for c-section even when a normal delivery is possible. These people will have their own personal reasons. But let us see why a normal delivery is better than a c-section any day and why a c-section is necessary. We have evolved a lot like humans, both physically and mentally. We do not have the physical strength which our ancestors used to have. Why go to ancestors, let us talk about our grandmothers. A few decades ago, we would have hardly heard of c-section being done to women. in the 90s it was like, c-section was done only in case of pregnancy complications. But right now, almost every delivery is a c-section. What could be the reasons for this? Are all these complicated deliveries?

As we have already discussed, our body has changed a lot compared to our early people and this is the main reason why c-sections are increasing. We do not have the strength for a normal delivery, our lifestyle forces deliveries to be complicated and moreover, we are thinking c-section is a safer option compared to natural birth. This could be partially true given the fact that c-section is a safer option out there because there is no stress for you involved in this. But the crazy for normal delivery has not come down, there are still people who are searching for the maternity hospital in Pune for normal delivery.

Few years there was another trend called water birthing. This was an ancient technique of natural delivery where the baby is delivered inside the water. Why inside the water because, water helps in relaxing the muscles and also gives an outward push. You got to have strong vaginal muscles to delivery inside water otherwise this process is going to be difficult for you. Talking to a doctor at one of the best maternity hospitals in Gurgaon, he said every time they try their best to promote natural birth to the women and in most of the cases, they have been successful.

As an expectant mother, it is very important for you to understand the changes happening in your body and maintain a good health. Do exercise and yoga rather than sitting idle, this will help you make yourself stronger both physically and mentally. Always remember that your health is directly proportional to the health of your bundle of joy.

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