Thursday, 18 Oct 2018

How does fashion industry influence the lives of students?

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Fashion is something that we come across on regular basis. Generally, we equate fashion with popular style or practice, more precisely in clothing, accessories, makeup and footwear. It is something that is highly volatile and diverse. It is generally promoted through celebrities including film-stars, pop-stars and sports person. It may also be a reference to the newest textile creations.

Fashion has played a very influential roles in our lives. Gone are the days when it was only important during certain occasions. Now it has become an inherent part of our daily routine. From the bags we carry to the clothes we wear, everything has a connection with billion dollar fashion industry.

In fact, fashion has translated into a criteria about personality judgment. It works as an indicator of what class the person belongs to. It is a non-verbal form of communication that works as an inspiration to people in many fields. There is no doubt in the fact that fashion has shaped the society, but what about the lives of students?

Fashion’s impact on students

Fashion has influenced the teenage demographics a lot. It has taken up their lives at such an extent where they are more concerned about their style statement rather than grades. They are more involved and focused on fashion trends rather than future prospects, work and academics.

Most of their time is spent looking for fashion articles and TV programs. It has shaped their behavior in a negative manner. Teenagers of this day and age do not spend more time with their family and friends, rather, they have bound themselves to themselves only. Have a well consciousness of fashion has changed the scenario entirely, which has its own pros and cons.


Following your own fashion trend gives an idea of freedom of thought and encourages more independency amongst teenagers. It even incites a greater sense of confidence amongst teenagers. In this society, fashion also works as a remedy for many social problems such as bullying and connecting with peers. In a nutshell, complying with the standards allow students to develop a better social life, create an attractive personality and establish better prospects related to the fashion industry.


There are some negative effect as well. In this era, youth have become so obsessed with fashion that they have made it the sole criteria for many things. There are many other productive things in which the time must be spent. In order to comply with the standards, many teenagers engage into harmful activities such as smoking and drug intake which can result into negative consequences. In trying to maintain a good image, they tend to spend unnecessarily putting an additional financial burden on their parents. This desire can even lead to disorders such as anxiety and depression.

The bottom line

Fashion is not bad but obsession with it is. Maintaining a balance is something that the millennial needs to understand. This is how they can progress positively in their lives.

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