Monday, 20 Aug 2018
Category: Small House Designs
classic with wood and blue touch

White Blue Fusion for Classic Small Home Decorating

Blue and white are classic colors partners. People use these colors to beautify your life. Blue reduces blood pressure and reduces respiration and heart rate. Therefore, it is considered calming, relaxing and serene, and often recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. And white is the perfect neutral color, has become a melting sweet. Then there is […]

Cream Color for Small Room Design Idea

Designing Small Teenagers Bed Room

These rooms are good right? Bright and the air was free. This does not happen instantly and are these tips. When you want to design a small room you have to do is get all your stuff first and then do the sorting and labeling done in accordance with the classification of goods needed until […]

orange and white room layout

Space Saving for Small Kids Room Layout

A collection of clever ideas for saving space designed for children’s rooms available for small Sergi Spanish designer we have presented before bedtime Kids Ideas + study room. The designer has created the magic of colors, furniture design, with fewer or smaller work space, and create more of it. Fully maximize space in your child’s […]

lovely one room House

Inspiring All-In-One-Room in Small House

After having a look at the photos taken in this lovely Scandinavian crib, one can only guess the last thing this house lacks is space. You will probably be pleasantly surprised to know that in fact, the total surface of this one room home is 44 square meters. Located in Vasastan, Stockholm, this bright and […]

small home office in garden design4

Small Fully Functional Home Office in a Courtyard

Accessory Building, designed by MGB Architecture, is a small home office located in a residential neighbored of the North Vancouver, Canada. The office is fully functional and besides a working space there are spaces for meetings and for relaxing. Public access from the street leads to a courtyard and mezzanine. The public side of the […]

Starbucks Made From Shipping Containers

Modern Sustainable Container House with Green Technology

This is a Modern Sustainable Container House with Green Technology. This two-story house has six standard containers arranged in a staggered stack. Holes are cut in the sides of the containers and even large cargo doors are used inan inlet end to form the access to the plant and roof windows. The main feature is asolar photo voltaic system environment on the roof of the house with a small-scalewind to generate renewable energy for the home. As the house was built inside a warehouse and has not […]

Cube Shaped Small House-view

Cube-Shaped Small House Aluminum Facade

Cube small urban house design with completely aluminum of the facade, of the idea came from German architect grabowski.spork and this house is located in Frankfurt, German. Built behind the apartment building at the site former commercial buildings and main structures are using a conventional steel constructions, a highly of innovative designs with the concept […]

Backyard mini house yard

Beautiful Backyard Mini House Landscape Design Ideas

Backyard landscape is a nice place for our children play. They usually play with friends or make houses out of tents. They are very interested to have their own home and play with his friends. Usually the parents they provide a tent behind the house for a place to play and learning. So the children […]

Hidden Bed Design Ideas1

Hidden Bed Design by Space Saving Beds

Maybe you live in a boarding house or a small room for a while, this bed can be a very appropriate choice. Beds bed space saving design is hidden. Bed design darkens an interesting alternative for smaller rooms, or the desire for abed room without carpet design. This bed is designed to resemble a hidden closet.Each bed can be folded into a cabinet that does not seem that it is a bed. The bedseems simple enough at home to bed permanently. However, the bed is very good for hidden aesthetics. These beds is hidden singles and doubles, each […]

how to organize small bed room

How To Organize Small Bedroom

The organization is the key not only to perfect order and clutter-free apartments and houses, but also saves valuable space in small homes. As always, the organization of a small bedroom should start by checking the sound. Sort and get rid of thosethings that are completely useless. This will make it easier to find space for thingsyou need. bed Bed has an obvious function, but also serves as a closet or vanity, it’s time to get a wardrobe and a dressing table or side. A […]