Monday, 20 Aug 2018
Category: Restaurant Interior Ideas
Wobedo wall decor interior ideas01

Wobedo’s Sound Absorbing Decorating Wall Panels

All are made ​​from the highest quality 100% pure new wool marked with the reasons for the EU of flowers and decorative plaster panels are Wobedo excellent craftsmanship. That gives you total flexibility to create an ideal solution for noise offices, conference rooms, community centers, spas, theaters, libraries, restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals, or any other […]

luxurious elegance in red paisle iconic wallpaper for restaurant interior from B & N Interior Design

luxurious elegance iconic wallpaper for restaurant interior from B&N

I have the feeling of someone who fell in love when I saw the collection of wallpaper designs for the iconic B & N They look so fantastic, beautiful, beautiful and elegant. Icon series panel consists of two main parts, namely: Panel icon with a wooden panel with modern style and is the second icon […]

Bird and flower ceramic tile decoration

Florilege Nature Ceramic Tiles Decorating Inspiration

Inspired by traditional hand-painted 18th century Chinese wallpaper, Novoceram launched new ceramic tile called Anthology. These new stylish tiles mimic the appearance of the background image with its silky texture and delicate patterns. Flowers and birds are flying dominate the decor. Fusion of modern wallpaper functionality and durability of tile ceramic impressive anthology of romantic […]

luxurious style wallcover in bedroom

Luxury textured wall covering

The coating lines and valuable collections proposed by socket Sliven wonderful. It is a textured wall coverings modern and luxurious modern sample, if the use of your wall. Material bright and modern design come to life between the light and color, a new concept of interior design. These collections are available in any style and […]

Makoto Yamaguchi Cafe House

Makoto Yamaguchi Cafe House Inspiring Residential Home

Café-House, Contemporary Home Design from Makoto Yamaguchi. Makoto Yamaguchi Japanese study has completed the design of a dwelling that serves as a cafe in the suburbs of Tokyo. “Coffee / Akiyama house” structure is a single-storey wooden interior, which is negotiating on commercial and domestic areas. having a frame number of windows of width, the design […]

Best Luxury Restaurant

Best Luxury Restaurant Designs Ideas / IndoorPhotos

Best Luxury Restaurant Designs Ideas with Interior Decorating Pictures by IndoorPhotos. Special decoration loving aristocrat, these ideas of design fancy restaurant will help you achieve that dream. There were some examples of luxury restaurant in the world. Check all the design and decoration of these restaurants. Here we will obtain a magnificent piece of sculpture art […]

Opulent Lavish Restaurant SALA Modern Thailand Architect

Modern Opulent Lavish Restaurant Ideas / SALA Design Thailand

Opulent Lavish Restaurant Design SALA Modern Thailand Architecture. Feel the holiday really come to Thailand with this sumptuous modern exterior design. The combination of design and color composition was very impressive. You can try this place for fans of all interior and exterior design has been completely and totally perfect. Luxury coffee outlet in the decoration […]

Restaurant furniture and Restaurant Interior

Restaurant Interior Design Ideas

If you need cool restaurant interior design ideas? We gathered some photos of the best interior design ideas that could inspire the restaurant to decorate and renovate their restaurant design restaurant interior cool. The well-organized restaurant furniture defined as the chair and table, along with the interior as the best wall, floor, ceiling, lighting, lamps, […]

Olivomare Restaurant by Pierluigi Piu Design

Olivomare Restaurant by Pierluigi Piu

Unique interior design of a restaurant has done by Italian designer Pierluigi Piu. This designer has designed and created the interior for the Olivomare Restaurant at 10-12 Lower Belgrave Street in London’s Belgravia district. The theme is so unique, there is a neverending fish pattern wall clad in dining area as the sign that the […]

kitchen designs with choice of open shelves and refrigerator with large glass doors

Restaurant Style Kitchen Decor by GAD Architecture

The designers came up with this industrial style kitchen decor to suit his needs. Wouldn’t a restaurant style kitchen such as this one designed by GAD Architecture be just sublime? That’s just what the owner of this house in Istanbul had in mind. Imagine the hardwood floors are treated to withstand the wear and tear […]