Thursday, 18 Oct 2018
Category: Fashion

Shopping for Tungsten Rings? Here is What You Should Look For

Popular for its exceptional and permanent polish that comes with resilience to any kind of wear & tear, the tungsten rings gained substantial popularity within a few years of it being introduced to the market. Today, several brands have added tungsten rings to their list of top sellers. Shoppers now get a wide variety of […]

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How does fashion industry influence the lives of students?

Fashion is something that we come across on regular basis. Generally, we equate fashion with popular style or practice, more precisely in clothing, accessories, makeup and footwear. It is something that is highly volatile and diverse. It is generally promoted through celebrities including film-stars, pop-stars and sports person. It may also be a reference to […]

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How to become a successful fashion designer?

  Fashion industry is developing at a dramatic rate. More youth are now entering the field than before shaping the fashion arena in an unparalleled manner. Going through the Vogue magazine and reading fashion blogs indicates us what it takes to enter the network of fashion. Many young individuals, especially girls, dream of becoming fashion […]

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