Thursday, 18 Oct 2018
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room for barbie princess romantik

Barbie Princess Bed Room from Doimo Cityline

Cityline Doimo leader in the manufacture of parts in Italy, is preliminary in its early stages the progress of children’s furniture from around the Salone del mobile 2009. Barbie called, for the simple reason that he is honored to be a magnet for girls of all mankind instead of 50. There are four different types […]

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beautiful purple rug teen room ideas

Cool Bedroom for Teen Room Design Ideas

These design ideas are adolescent 3D photorealistic rendering from Spanish designer Sergi. He shows his woks on his blog to receive criticism about them and help others in designing the perfect room for their children. Such a design is not always easy because teenagers are hard to please. Sergi works are carried out in different […]

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indirect lighting room designs

Indirect Wall Lighting Room

Check out this great idea of ​​DIY wall uplight lighting in the room that could make the atmosphere of your room looks more modern warmth and beauty. The value of the decorating DIY project offers a small amount of investment with some basic material costs about 40 euros (55 dollars). This beautiful room indirect lighting […]

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Affordable Children Bed

Affordable Children Bed Furniture

If you are looking for high quality but very affordable children’s furniture, you’ve come to the right place because we have a large collection from which to choose. Our photos of the children of the furniture is the perfect combination of fun, beauty and durability, and we have enough to satisfy even the most particular […]

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Green Kid Bedroom Furniture

Green Kid Bedroom UK Furniture by Stemik Living

Famous furniture brand in the UK to be Stemik really know how to decorate a child’s room perfectly. Green offered child bedroom furniture that will surely attract attention for their fresh color. We know that children’s rooms should be designed with bright colors and interesting, and modern bedroom furniture is an excellent example. Fresh bright […]

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Minimalist Modular Loft Kid Bed by Magi

Modular Kid Loft Bed

Loft bed is very convenient child for two children, is also the best place to play together. If you have limited space for your child, you should check out this great piece of Magis brand offers. Designed for kids and all their activities, this loft bed bunk consists of three parts blue. Molded polyethylene children […]

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Fresh Fashionable Purple Kid Bedroom

5 Fashionable Purple Kid Bedroom

Kids room needs color psychology right. Kids room decor is fun, fresh and spacious for its work to rest, study and play. If you are those who love the elegance of simplicity, the right color for your young prince and princess is purple or violet. Purple is the color of glamor and style. It also […]

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Fresh Cute Pink Bedroom Ideas

Fresh Cute Pink Bedroom

The girls always related to something new and cute …. And the best color to translate the language is pink. No other colors that represent the word “cute” better. Ok, I absolutely agree and accept. To realize how pretty this color transform your bedroom girl running into more elegant and fashionable, then you should take […]

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Baby Room Design Inspirations

Lovely Baby Nursery Design Inspirations

Our children inspire us every day, are like the little princess and the prince soon in our house. If you give them the best, then you should take a look at these inspiring baby nursery pictures below. We are committed to inspiring all Mom and Dad around the world to create their own baby nursery […]

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girls bedroom decor ideas on lovely girl bedroom accessories

Lovely Girls Bedroom Ideas

We invite you to enjoy these magnificent photographs girls bedroom to inspire you how to decorate your child’s room perfectly. The common theme of the room you are decorating Barbie girls fairy tale, beautiful and the best color to explore the atmosphere is the combination of pink accented with white. This color combination is related […]

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