Thursday, 18 Oct 2018
Category: Architecture Designs
Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Veterans Affairs Medical Center Architecture

Veterans Affairs Medical Center Architecture: Spinal Cord Injury Long Term Care Facility in Brockton. On the nature and embrace you caress her back. Perhaps, this connotation has been thoroughly reviewed by the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and the reforecame up with the conceptual plan for the center “The spinal cord injury center long-term care” in Brockton, MA / USA . States. USA. The center’s goal is to provide long-term care and inpatient services to outpatient clinics for veterans with traumatic injuries of the spinal cord. Spinal Cord Injury Center (SCI) patients have 100 veterans, […]

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Tianhe Mansion Landscapes

Tianhe Mansion Tower Buildings and Landscapes

Tianhe Mansion Tower: Creative Architectural Buildings and Landscapes. Inspired by diaojiao, historically defined the reception centers of the structures in China, this tower has been designed to be hung on the surrounding landscape.There are existing structures on the terraces around the building on all sides. City Park has a green bag in which the mansion is the […]

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Play Nature M Melissa Lee

Play Nature Architecture by M Melissa Lee

Play Nature Architecture: The Art of Sustainable Living by M Melissa Lee Design. Expected to nest in the middle of this beautiful country of Costa Rica in Central America, this family resort has been designed to serve families with young children of preschool age. A lobby, a pool, a communal kitchen and a coffee shop: […]

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Milanofiori Complex

Milanofiori Residential Complex in Milan

Milanofiori Residential Complex and Beirut Observatory bag WAN Awards. The 2011 prices WAN applauded both structures, this time – Milanofiori residential complex and the Observatory of Beirut. Both structures have an open design that blend harmoniously with nature. These are probably one of the best designed residential buildings recently. The agreement to honor the two was taken unanimously by […]

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Great Pier !melk Urban Lab

Great Pier !melk Urban Lab HOK

The landscape of Chicago’s Navy Pier may soon see transforamtion. A contest that has been asked to review the design of outdoor spaces of Navy Pier in Chicago has shown some nifty ideas. Of the five teams that competed for rethinking it was! Melk, whose proposal for a new story for the spring of pleasure of the people […]

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Net-Zero NYCTech Campus NYC

Net-Zero Energy NYCTech Campus in NYC

NYCTech Campus was designed by a collaboration between the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and Cornell University in New York. Both institutes have used their powers in green technology to provide the design of an international competition to design a new Graduate School of Applied Science in Roosevelt Island. The work of the Technion and […]

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Basque Culinary Center

Futuristic Basque Culinary Center

The sculptural building in the middle of the green slopes and hills. To merge with neighboring green mountains, a number of tracks and plantations have been incorporated into the building. The roof has a slope in which edible herbs and planted. Vegetated terraces were built at different heights along the slopygradations. The terraces are actually constructed on the horizontal strips across the width of the structure. Such as decks and porches along the building from the outside, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the surroundings here. There is also a bridge linking two sides of the […]

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Origami Building Paris

Barclays Origami Inspired Headquarter

Barclays Origami Inspired Headquarter. The construction of origami, as it is called, is in Paris, and is at a distance of yawning landmarks including the Arc de Triomphe. Manual challenge was to design a building that looked good installed in her neighborhood and shows while maintaining the modern touch. So came the idea of using the ancient art […]

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Green Megastructures Williamsburg Hotel

1. The Megastructures A hotel of 440 foot high skyscraper in the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn in the North has bagged the prestigious Oppenheim A + D award. This tower 40-story hotel was designed by FX Fowle is located near the historic Williamsburg Savings Bank and the Williamsburg Bridge. Known as the Williamsburg hotel is located across from the […]

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Green megastructures Solar Bridge

The Largest Solar Bridge Green Megastructures

The world’s dependence on solar power is increasing, let out other renewable energy sources (currently, sunlight is the most common renewable energy that is currently used). This has become almost mandatory that the excessive use of conventional energy sources has led to global warming, diminishing supplies and deposits of fossil fuels and an energy crunch […]

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