Thursday, 18 Oct 2018
Category: 3D Architectures
The Black Hole Research Center

The Black Hole Research Center by Michael Jantzen

The Black Hole Research Center is a Conceptual Design by Michael Jantzen. Black holes as a concept of space-time where not even light can escape, has baffled scientists and amateurs for a long time, but this time, has the appeal of this mystery connected space trapping been conceptualized in a symbolic level, with tangible structure. Yes, we […]

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Manila Sustainable Architecture

Manila Sustainable Architecture by Svetlana Kozhenova

Manila Sustainable Architecture by Svetlana Kozhenova. Svetlana Kozhenova an independent designer and architecture student, designed a plan for the modern development in Manila, Philippines. Their study was an attempt to reorganize the homes of a poor neighborhood and was part of a course in architecture in extreme environments – urban housing at the University of Lund […]

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Alpine Renewal Interior Spaces Building

Alpine Renewal Interior Spaces Building by Ben Comber

Alpine renewal: A sustainable building with socially orientated interior spaces. The roof catches snow by utilising a “shelving system”. Ben Comber, an architectural designer by profession, has designed a sustainable building, which was named Alpine renewal. The striking building has been designed so that boost the Mount. Cheese man ski area. An alpine renewal will let people absorb themselves […]

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Urban Aviary Skyscrapers House Birds

Urban Aviary of Skyscrapers to House Birds

The cities are decorated with luxurious buildings that have consumed much of the vegetation cover. These concrete buildings have altered the natural habitats that have a negative impact on birds and animals. New York is known for its skyscrapers, which became a city’s identity. But have we ever considered the effect this has on the birds that die […]

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Hybrid Forest Technology Architecture

Hybrid Forest Contains Technology Architecture

Hybrid Forest: Integrates Technology, Architecture and Environment. The gap between humanity and nature is slowly but surely expanding. Despite living on earth for thousands of years, it is safe to say we just give something back. This is causing problems as we see ourselves facing a future where resources are scarce, the land space is scarce and pollution […]

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Fibrous Towers Module

Fibrous Towers of Multiple Natures

Fibrous Towers of Multiple Natures: A biomimetic skyscraper. Apparently, the concept of “multiple rounds fibrous in nature,” has its roots in the Austrian architectural practice called Soma. The project redefines the nature of the skyscrapers in an urban landscape, biomimetically. This implies that the design is calibrated to be in harmony with nature, and at the same time, […]

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Intermodal Transit Hub Building

Intermodal Transit Hub Building by Carl Burdick

Intermodal Transit Hub design to realize eco friendly bus and rail stations. Designer Carl Burdick has created a very environmentally friendly intermodal transportation hub stations transit bus or train. The structure is thriving, with a variety of options for sustainable energy production and consumption of natural light and heat. In most cases, subway stations, trains are equipped with […]

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Retail Commercial Building Malaysia Module

Retail and Commercial Building in Malaysia

Sustainably designed ecological retail and commercial building in Malaysia. Green buildings are faced with global environmental challenges and needs of local residents. Their motive is to ensure the planning of actual use, with minimal impact on the environment. It makes use of local materials and renewable resources like wood and stone floor. These buildings to ensure low power consumption. Malaysian […]

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Oil Silo Home PinkCloud

The Oil Silo Home Design by PinkCloud DK

The Oil Silo Home by PinkCloud DK – Creating a green home with oil silos. PinkCloud has designed an innovative and ecological Oil Silo Home, which reuses existing silos empty oil, redefining its purpose perfectly. These silos of oil may indeed become an affordable housing option for many families around the world, especially in times when oil becomes […]

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Zagreb Airport View

International Airport for Zagreb

Zagreb International Airport is one of the ecological project which aims to green living. It is one of the different types of creative and sustainable architectural buildings and landscapes. Under this project, the campus small groups will be combined into a single campus known as the city’s new airport. The city’s new airport is surrounded by woods, fountains […]

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