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Battling mental health issues and more for millennials

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Mental health can be quite a touchy subject and one that most people do not want to talk about. But, with the digital age comes several issues that millennials have to deal with and one of them is depression.

The root cause of depression is different for everyone but self-image issues, insecurities, bullying and eating disorders can be attributed to magazines, movies, and pop culture.

Silently observing other people’s lives on Facebook and not interacting with them at all can also lead to depression, a study says.

Mental health issues can also include severe anxiety, ADHD, OCD among several other problems.

Here’s how to deal with them:

1. Reach out:

There are several outlets that you can reach out to in case you feel particularly low. Sadness is not the same as depression. So, if you suspect that you’re depressed, then talk to someone you trust. A parent, a friend and when you’re ready you can get help from a therapist.


2. Stay Active:

Staying active may seem like a physical activity but it can do wonders for your mental health. Of course, you would have to cut down on your phone time for it but it is worth it. Endorphins released while exercising can make you feel happier and more upbeat.


3. Pet Therapy:

If you have a dog, then you know how calming their presence is in your life. If you do not own a dog, consider getting one or stop by dog shelters to pet them. Petting a dog can take away a lot of stress and you can enjoy their unconditional love. The same thing holds true for cats.


4. Be Grateful:

It might be a difficult thing to do initially when you feel so low all the time. But, by showing gratitude for the things you have – family, friends, work – you actually begin to lower stress.


5. Understand yourself:

Practice self-love. Look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are worthy. You do not have to subscribe to anyone else’s beauty standards. Treat your body like a temple.


6. Yoga:

Although exercise has already been mentioned in this list, yoga is great for the stillness of the mind. Practise at least 15 minutes of yoga to de-stress and relieve anxiety.


7. Medication:

There is no shame in taking medication to help with your mental health. You would treat any other problem with medication so why the taboo when it comes to the mind?


8. Take a Break:

Maybe you’ve been overworking yourself or killing yourself over a job that you do not even like. Take a step back and decide to cut out all toxic things from your life. It could be a person or a situation or a job. Better things will come along. You do not need to stay in that same situation forever.


9. Diet:

Our fast food diets are so full of sodium and sugar that it may make you feel cranky and unable to function because of the food-coma afterwards. Switch to healthier eating and you will notice a massive improvement.


10. Stay off of alcohol and other drugs:

Alcohol is a depressant. So, if you intend on drinking your problems away, you’ve got another thing coming. Other drugs can alter your brain chemistry leaving you unable to function normally.



Perhaps, the most potent of all solutions would be to take a hiatus from social media. Re-evaluate where you stand in life and understand that just because you may been diagnosed with a problem, doesn’t make you abnormal. Most people have some problem or the other during the course of their life and it’s perfectly natural to feel the way you feel right now.

Even though things may not seem like they will get better, remember: This too shall pass.

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