Wood Coffee Table

Available for $ 599, Rhys wooden table has a hand applied espresso stain that enhances the beauty of richly grained wood. The wooden tables have, for years in our homes as furniture and now are still a popular coffee tables and necessary is often a decorative piece. So there are many different designs when it comes to this piece of furniture. People are no longer content with a simple and clear that they want more.

Wood Coffee Table

Wood Coffee Table

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In addition, this coffee table drawer function and strip label holders, drawers open from both sides. So it is very functional as well as being beautiful. It has a vintage design that is simple and practical, and looks very nice. It would be a great addition to any room that shares the same style or for anyone who wants a simple coffee table and beautiful. It is made of wood so it is all warm and cozy.

Because it has drawers and additional storage space above them, which makes this image even more functional. This is a great storage incorporated into the design of a beautiful coffee table. He is very smart, indeed. In this way, you get two things in one piece. You can store books or magazines on the shelves, if you want to read something while enjoying your morning coffee.

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Wood Coffee Table

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