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Vertical Farm: An improved scope of collective farming within an urban area – GRAFTED GROWTH. Conceived as part of a research project funded by the EPA, the ambitious project was designed by a team of students, teachers and researchers from Clemson University. Its goal encompasses two broad criteria, such as the agricultural part can be achieved with modernist media costs, efficiency is still low, and how this wide field of application can be installed within a range with better economic participation of local people.

Regarding the first factor, the researchers examined immediately to integrate the different methods of sustainable construction materials and adaptable, even in a micro environment suitable for a location in the city. In fact, with the use of advanced cost, but low energy efficiency as heating and cooling systems and intelligent weather optimization, the process of agriculture can be improved significantly within a smaller area.

Secondly and more importantly, all the weight of agriculture can adhere to a form of economic viability, where people can actively take part in the effort, in their interior spaces. According to the researchers, community-oriented food can work together for new production methods and various culinary specialties of that particular region.

Therefore, at the end of the day, the collective impact of vertical agricultural improvement sustainability. In this sense, green technology is the power of the whole process ambitious.

Images Credit: JaredMooreDesign

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