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Verizon office Design

Verizon office Telops Corporate Headquarters
Verizon office Telops Corporate Headquarters
Verizon office Telops Corporate Headquarters

Merritt Engineering prepared specifications and provide construction supervisionfor the restoration of facades, roof replacement, waterproofing, replacement ofwindows and ornamental. Due to the proximity of the headquarters of the World Trade Center during the attacks of 9 / 11, Merritt Engineering has also providedemergency repairs facade of this historic structure stabilization in New York.

Our team conducted extensive research and testing of the existing facade and replacement of masonry to ensure that the repair work would be appropriate both aesthetically and physically. We worked closely with New York City LandmarkPreservation Commission to obtain all necessary approvals before, during and aftercompletion. Merritt Engineering was on site every day to monitor the ongoing construction, and attended weekly meetings of the progress with the owner and all contractors. Daily reports were provided field, which includes photos and drawings of great progress. In addition, we visited the facilities window and stone suppliers to ensure adequate production and quality control techniques have been developed.

The success and cooperation of all parties involved in this project high level was observed in several awards, including the restoration construction project in NewYork in 2004 and 2006 BOMA Building of years of history.

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