Twitter’s New Square in San Francisco

Twitter New Square Office

Twitter New Square Office

San Francisco was considered as the place remained as home, so The Twitter team moved into office space at 1355 Market Street, Market Square. The two art deco buildings make Market Square has experienced a long time of vacancy and push on business life given by the tweeters to help revitalize the spot which contains over than 890,000 square.

Opened at the very first time in 1937m Market Square now owned three entire floors of Twitter décor in the city of San Francisco. A bird relief pattern has been developed into the flooring of the recreational and meeting room. Next by social and fun zones that symbolized it is great company to join with. To make sure the workers always stay cool, calm, and relax, a yoga studio is provided. The workers could also have a chance to take a fresh air breath and collect their new perspective in the rooftop garden with so many green plants on it. This place is designing to be relaxed zone for idea sharing and creative brainstorming. Every thing about business and economy, as if has no more meaning when you are enjoying this space.

Twitter knows you so well. By designing this new headquarters in hometown city, you will feel good every time. So, what are you looking for? Is there any right possible place to enjoy life and work more than in this place?

Images Credit: Twisted Sifter

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Twitter New Square

Twitter New Square

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