Top Nine New York Interior Design Firms

modern dining room by Amy Lau Design

modern dining room by Amy Lau Design

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This is a Top Nine New York Interior Design Firms. Many people use service of interior design firms to build their houses, restaurants, hotels, apartments, and other buildings. There are hundreds interior design firms in New York. These are some of them.

1. Aguirre Design

It is an interior design company who serves private clients of designing high-end and modern furniture. Mauricio Aguirre is the interior designer. It prioritizes on combining the materials with colors and other elements. It concerns with small details and balance the aesthetics aspect. It also provides the Feng Shui consultation as the supporting aspect of building.

2.  KBK Interior Design

Kingsley Belcher Knauss is the interior designer of KBK Company. She concerns with making a design closely related to architecture and interior decoration. She also emphasizes the mixing of colors. In KBK Interior Design, the clients get some facilities, such as planning of space, furniture layouts with modern furniture, stairways or elevations, kitchen design, bathroom design, and flooring.

3. Stedila Design Inc.

It is a firm that is founded by John Stedila. He graduated from Parsons School of Design. He experienced in retail design for eight years. Stedila Design provides the designs for commercial public spaces like hotels. Designing garden is also offered by this firm.

4.  Inson Dubois Wood LLC

Like other firms, this firm also prioritizes the clients’ ideas. Inson Wood is the expert of understanding clients’ request for their buildings. It specializes on residential design. Its goal is to make the clients feel comfortable and give the clients the best place to stay in.

5. Perianth Interior Design

This firm makes the aspects of colors, lighting, space, and texture as the most important aspects in building houses. This emphasizes and specializes in the sophisticated buildings.

It is founded in 1996 by Hilary Unger. She is an alumnus of Rhode Island and New York School of Interior Design.

6. Tamara Dunner Interior Design

Tamara Dunner founded this company. She traveled to many places and is inspired every building she saw. This firm has several services. There are space planning, design of kitchen and bathroom, furniture design, accessories design, lighting design, and the customization of bed and pillows.

7. Vanessa Deleon Associates

This company was founded by Vanessa Deleon. She is a New Jersey interior designer. She studied at Fashion Institute of Technology. Then, she decided to continue her designing education at Interior Design of Berkeley College. She also learned Feng Shui because she ever took course there. Her company is developed significantly today.

8. Amy Lau Design

Amy Lau, a New York interior designer, founded this firm in 2000. She is a modern interior designer. She always emphasizes the balance of colors and textures. She also designs her collection using mid 20th century. Most of Amy Lau’s designs are simple, but they look elegant.  Amy Lau always makes a unique space in her each works.

9. Axis Mundi

It is an interior design firm founded by John Beckmann. He graduated from Parsons School of Design. Some of his ideas have been published on the popular newspapers such as Home and The New York Times. His firm specializes in designing the architecture of townhouse and modern residences.

Modern Living Room by Amy Lau Design

Modern Living Room by Amy Lau Design

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Modern Living Room by Amy Lau Design

Modern Living Room by Amy Lau Design

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modern dining room by Amy Lau DesignModern Living Room by Amy Lau Design

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