Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas & Tips

decorating teen bedroom

decorating teen bedroom

Kids just seem to grow up so fast. One minute, you’re taking off their training wheels, the next minute, you’re handing them the keys to the family sedan. As your kids grow and mature into teenagers, they’ll experience numerous life changing events that may be reflected in the type of clothes they wear, the music they listen to, the type of TV shows they watch, the people they hang out with, and the way they treat their bedroom. Here are some bedroom decorating ideas and tips to prepare you for one of life’s biggest changes – your child’s teenage years.

The teenage years are when people tend to discover how important a bedroom really is. It provides a comforting place of sanctuary where one can escape from the outside world, and find peace and tranquility in a nest of his/her own design. While you may find their tastes to be quite hideous, their decorative styles ridiculous, and their room cleanliness down right repulsive, you have to understand that, although you rule the house, teenagers need to have their own personal space as well. If you are unable to allow your teens to have free reign on decorating their bedrooms, or they are willing to allow you to decorate their bedroom however you see fit, then make up a few ground rules that will give both you and your teens a piece of mind.

Teenage Bedroom Decorating

Teenage Bedroom Decorating

Art and Décor

Pictures, posters, artwork and anything else used to decorate your teenagers’ bedrooms must meet your approval. While you want them to have some freedom to express themselves, it is perfectly acceptable to deny them the right to plaster something on their bedroom walls that you cannot bear the sight of. Likewise, anything you wish to have adorning their walls should meet your teenagers’ approval as well. A painting they made in preschool may be worth framing to you, but can be a bit embarrassing to them.


Often times, the furniture left over from your teens’ childhood years are no longer suitable for their size, or tastes. No matter how cute you think it is, a dinosaur chair is no longer to your teen’s liking, and is probably too small for him. Agree upon the style of furniture you’ll allow your teens to have in their rooms, as long as they don’t abuse or mistreat it. Sometimes you need to remind your teens that a chair is not something to stand on, a desk is not something to sit on and a bed is not a trampoline. Some habits are harder to break than others. New furniture like beds and beanbag chairs are a great way to make an old bedroom feel like a new one.

Whether you decide to allow your teen to have their own TV or an entire electronic entertainment center, it is important to find furniture that will provide them enough space for all their clutter. Yes, you have to prepare yourself for the possibility that there will be a lot of unsightly clutter in your teenager’s bedroom. It’s almost like they want the clutter there, like it is a necessary piece of their bedroom’s décor. And you thought things would get better once they outgrew their toys, and you could safely tuck away the paraphernalia from their child hood in a storage closet. Also keep in mind that your teens are growing, and may require a little more leg room than before.

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Teenage Bedroom


Allow your teens some freedom to express their creative interests by giving them the option to paint their rooms however they like.Not only will this give them a way to be creative, it will also save you the trouble of having to paint all by yourself. If you can’t bring yourself to accept their color section, try to come to a compromise. While a completely black bedroom is more than likely out of the question, throwing in a secondary color on their furniture for balance, and an accent color on their bedding and curtains for a bit of contrast may help in making the room feel more like a bedroom and less like a mortuary.

Some teens may prefer having a plethora of various colors to splash around their room. If that is the case, look up eclectic bedroom design ideas to find a way to tie the room together, while utilizing the many colors they wish to use. Eclectic bedrooms that utilize multiple interior design styles may be the perfect, funky look they are going for.

A common staple of the average, teenage bedroom décor are posters and pictures adorning almost every square-inch of the walls. Often times, teens will go as far as taping things to the ceilings. If this is the case, selecting the perfect primary color for a wall is not as important as selecting a color that will not show any signs of dirt or smudge marks. With the constant removal and application of items a teenager might attach to his/her walls, darker paint colors may be an appropriate color choice.

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas & Tips Pictures

Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Teenage Bedroom Decorating

Teenage Bedroom Decorating

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