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In recent years, high profile fashion designers have turned into interior designers, decorating hotel rooms or building and creating whole hotels decked out in their signature style. From Karl Lagerfeld to Versace, and from Missoni to Betsey Johnson, you can now explore the interior stylings of your favorite designers up close and in complete luxury. Whilst a stay in one of these designer hotels would be very costly, they’re the perfect place to take inspiration for injecting a little slick, high fashion hotel style into your own home. Whatever interior style you favor, there is likely to be a designer whose aesthetic will compliment your own. Here are some of the best hotels created by fashion designers for you to replicate in your own home:

Missoni hotel in Edinburgh

Missoni hotel in Edinburgh

Minimalist from Armani

The Armani brand aesthetic is minimalist and pared back. This has translated wonderfully from dresses to interiors, and the Armani hotel in Milan is a lesson in achieving perfect understated style. Sectional sofas in muted shades of grey line the lobby, paired with tables and chairs constructed to the highest quality in simple shapes. The walls in every room are painted in similar hushed shades of grey and plump beds sit on super soft rugs, decorated with soft but functional silk covered cushions. The Armani hotel in Milan isn’t the brands only venture into the world of hoteliers: there is a similarly decadent version of the hotel in Dubai. If your interior tastes lend themselves to minimalism and understated elegance with masculine overtones then the Armani hotel will provide the perfect inspiration for you. Another fabulous minimalist designer hotel collaboration that tend to be popular with those who have more masculine tastes is the Hotel Misonni in Edinburgh, which combines the brand’s trademark graphic prints with fresh and neutral colors, such as white and slate grey. Monochrome is combined with vibrant color pops to create a space that feels modern, youthful and completely trend lead.

The Betsey Johnson Suite  

If you subscribe to the ‘more is more’ ethos of decorating then you’ll love the Palazzo Versace, in Queensland Australia, which features vibrant Versace print everywhere and sumptuous bedrooms with floor to ceiling windows. Everything in the hotel is strictly Versace, from the bedding and the furniture to the china and linens used in the hotel’s restaurants. That means that you’ll find bright, bold colors and vibrant patterns everywhere you turn. The whole décor is very over the top and perfect for understanding how a variety of patterns can be layered and used to complement each other. Despite the multitude of patterns and colors, the space still manages to feel airy, serene, and well put together. If you prefer your over the top style statements to have a more feminine touch then look to the Betsey Johnson Suite in New York’s Plaza Hotel. Betsey Johnson is known for her flamboyant runway shows and her frequent use of the color pink, and those same traits are translated into the suite she designed by hand for The Plaza. Luxury is blended with whimsy and pink is used truly liberally throughout the space. Think candy stripes, florals, and leopard prints all layered and teamed together: it’s a teenage girls dream, and would be the perfect scheme to replicate in a young girl’s bedroom.

Take a Virtual Trip to France

Parisian style is incredibly on trend for 2014, and there’s plenty of inspiration to be had from the designers and Couturiers in the city. Christian Lacroix injected a a flamboyant, bohemian spirit into the city’s Hotel Bellechasse and made the space look even more attention grabbing by using an unusual color palette: mustard yellow, vibrant orange and rich browns all combine to  create an over the top space, and typically European patterns, such as wide stripes and butterfly prints are also used liberally across the building. The ultimate icon of French couture designers, Karl Lagerfeld, has just agreed to decorate his very first hotel too, signaling that the designer hotel is a trend showing no signs of abating, leaving you with plenty of time to explore as many as possible and bring inspiration from each of the designers into your own home.

Image Credits: Armani hotel – Versace hotel – Betsey Johnson suite at the Plaza hotel – Christian Lacroix at Hotel Bellechasse – Missoni hotel in Edinburgh.

Contributed by  Jenni Donaldson

Take Inspiration From Designer Hotels Pictures

Versace hotel - deluxe suite

Versace hotel – deluxe suite

Christian Lacroix at Restaurant - Hotel Bellechasse

Christian Lacroix at Restaurant – Hotel Bellechasse

Missoni hotel in Edinburgh

Missoni hotel in Edinburgh

Lawnmarket suite - Missoni hotel in Edinburgh

Lawnmarket suite – Missoni hotel in Edinburgh

Betsey Johnson suite at the Plaza hotel

Betsey Johnson suite at the Plaza hotel

Armani hotel - Deluxe Room

Armani hotel – Deluxe Room

Christian Lacroix at Hotel Bellechasse

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