Stylish Decorative Danish Residence

home denmark bedroom-Stylish Decorative Danish Residence

home denmark bedroom-Stylish Decorative Danish Residence

modernholic facility where information on all the needs of home and inspiration on house construction. This is a Stylish Decorative Danish Residence. The room is the largest area and is also a very elegant piece and stylish. It looks sodelicate and quiet, this is mainly due to color. The walls and ceiling were painted inpastel shades of pink and go well with brown wooden floors. Instead, the coupleadded a black sofa and some black frames for pictures that hang on the walls. They also wanted to preserve the peaceful atmosphere for the rest of the furniture is white and brown tones. And they do not want your home look boring but it also adds some touches of color here and there, like decorative pillows, rugs colored circles in the rocker.

The residence measures 136 square meters and the rooms are very large and spacious. The property also includes garage and garden. The couple decided totake advantage of the location and size of the rooms have been decorated so in a way that really brings out the best in each room. Images Credit: delikatissen Decorative

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home denmark bedroom-Stylish Decorative Danish Residence

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