Stella Quilt Bedding For Winter

Meanwhile, cold and depressing of the year, there really is no place like home. We can not wait to leave work and go home, where it is pleasant and comfortable. And what better way to make you feel comfortable with a fluffy down comforter? The cozycomforter Stella is just what you need for your bed, or even your favorite chair for some extra comfort and convenience.

The Stella Designer Quilt Bedding For Winter

The Stella Designer Quilt Bedding For Winter

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The quilt features hand was Stella folds, is very soft and subtle wrinkled and simmerhave been inspired by the 1920 Fortuny pleated fabrics. The quilt is 100% polyesterand 100% cotton voile aid. The covers have envelope closure. The quilt is machine washable and is also available in different sizes.

The Stella is available twins Quil and measure 68 “W x 88” W, Queen / Full size with dimensions of 88 “W x 92” W and king size, 92 “W x 108” W. You can also buymatching Shams is also available in three different sizes. The standard measurecovers 20 “W x 26” W, the euro covers 26 “square cover King measuring 20” W x36 “W. priced between EUR22.75 EUR148.28 -. Articles are washable the machine. Therefore, use only non-chlorine bleach when necessary clothing and dryiron on quilts, Stella hot water if necessary. are available in various colors, pastelsand neutrals mostly. can match colors with the Shams or choose something different for a color contrast.

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The Stella Designer Quilt Bedding For Winter

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