Southern Textiles Paddock King Size Bed

Simply elegant. This high quality brand new piece Paddock 8 “Elite Collection” CalKing size bed in a bag set from Southern Textiles offers the perfect way to complete your room. The collection includes comforter, bed skirt, sort, pack of three pillows and cushions. This bed in a bag set is manufactured in the United States. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Textiles Paddock King Size Bed

Textiles Paddock King Size Bed

Dildo deep quilted with over 16 oz hand full of hardware compatible easementupholstery to coordinate MAXICAL 200 percale sheet weight Cording and strikes a cord or self-cording detail on three sides. SHAMS are tailored leaflets with string or twine contrary photographed. All are self-supported by the closure of style.

Is well suited bedskirt, ruffled met or photographed. All fit pleated bedskirt. Allbedskirt has split corners and are cut by a total of 18 “drop. TRI-PILLOW PACKconsists of two accent pillows with tassels, customs, rules and details brushedDacron inserts and one kidney pillow with fringed, environment custom or retaildacron fill.

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Textiles Paddock King Size Bed

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