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All we have stayed in a hotel, and of course that each customer has a different impression of their experience, but there are small details and large companies who collect the most points of view.

Residential Hotel Pool

Residential Hotel Pool

Needless to say, it is important to decorate the rooms, furniture and decorative style is used, as is the space where they will spend more time with our clients is essential that in addition to an environment in harmony with the rest of the hotel This is both welcoming and functional, we will make our guests feel at home.

Another area that is not given much importance, but much is the bathroom, because it is the place where guests enjoy an intimate moment in which it is essential to relax, the bathroom is the integration of tools necessary for personal hygiene, so that our customers not having to go out, make the trip less spectacular, but why do we have to give details of all appliances and utensils that offer our bathrooms.

The lobby is a space with special significance as it will be the first thing customers see when they arrive at our hotel, so it must be consistent with the image we want to offer our customers, because the first impression is very important.

They are also important areas for recreation and relaxation we offer to our customers, as it is one of the elements to consider when booking a hotel. If we have common areas, we should try that are not saturated for all clients accessing comfortable and can relax and enjoy the services we offer.

In all hotels, restaurants and a bar where you can enjoy a good meal or a drink, it is essential to know the profile of our customers, because if we go to a younger audience than it will be one for people traveling on business .

In short, we must always consider our customers to deliver what they want in our hotel.

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Residential Hotel Pool

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