Monday, 16 Jul 2018

Project Capsule designed by Baklan Anton

Project Capsule by Baklan Anton
Project Capsule by Baklan Anton
Project Capsule by Baklan Anton

Project Capsule: A design to conserve ecology of the Black Sea. The characteristics of the Black Sea between the affected areas, who face the agony of water pollution caused by petroleum products and lower housing dolphins. In order to reduce the number of cases of poaching and monitoring the population of bottlenose dolphins person designed designer Anton Bolton “capsule” project. Capsule project involves building a data center that will float in the Black Sea and establish the necessary control.

The data center is in capsule form and is made of recycled materials, as a completely waterproof shell with heavy-duty recycled plastic that allows you to act as a float. The prototype was developed in capsule form for Security bionic surface against hard collisions. An automatic door leading into the capsule and you’ll find inside lined with a reception room in the workplace for their employees and also a well equipped bathroom. Furthermore, the interior support conditions for the cultivation of plants such as citrus, flax, etc.

The structure will be completely autonomous in the supply and use of both solar and wave power. Wave energy will be operated by a hydraulic motor and generator, while solar panels will be integrated into the roof to capture energy from the sun. A special mechanism operates to maintain the indoor temperature, mechanical ventilation shall be provided by the use of photocatalytic air purifiers.

Finally, the capsule is attached to the seabed, and a special mechanism ensures that the seawater is desalinated and ready for consumption. Once the project see the light of day, not only will help restore the natural ecology of the Black Sea, but will remain as a green structure also exemplary.

Images Credit: Baklan Anton

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