Poppies Red Bedding by Revelle

When I come home after a busy day at work I like in bed and the restalone. So it is very important to me to have some comfortable bedding and cooling that allows me perfect rest and a great time. I always buy cotton bed linen, because I think this type of fabric is cooling and refreshing, absorb sweat from the body and is perfectfor those hot nights in the city. It adheres to your body and is so gentle to touch. But I also see some models of Nice, in the trash to make me happy and smiling. That’s why I always choose the flowers.And that reason is completely charming red poppies.

Poppies Red Bedding

Poppies Red Bedding

This bedding set by Revelle red poppies is the perfect combination of red and white, comfort and good taste. Machine washable and is available in queen or king size bed and also can select the items tobe three or four, or simply the total quilt or comforter or anycombination of your choice. Choose now and bath linens.

Images Credit: Bedding & Bath.

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Poppies Red Bedding

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