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Dielle, a company specializing in the production of teenager bedroom, can be combined with any composition course with color coordinated to give a soul to the room even more personal!


it is the ideal desk for study: it is composed of a fixed top shelf support for your computer monitor, and a turntable that rotates through the legs. In this way, the writing is geared toward the sun, eliminating the annoying light reflections that inevitably create.


Two-tone upholstered ottoman with wheels, available in fabric or glossy sky (heaven paired with white, lavender, green, apricot, poppy, violet and tobacco). Kubo Magic comes in two versions. The model pouf-door with the games has convenient outside pockets and a top cap to make the interior space. The simple version, however, is used as a piece of furniture.


A library colorful, with a thousand solutions, perfect for giving to the imagination and customize your bedroom. Snake is a game of shapes and colors, which allows you to color the back of the library of any hue, creating a multicolored original mobile.


It can be fixed or on wheels this new upholstered bed, perfect for small rooms with little room essential. Practical and dynamic, it gives a choice of 25 different fabrics to match the furniture in the room


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