Pencil Floor Lamp

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When you know hoe to work or use your imagination and your favor all can be used as a source of inspiration, even something as simple as a pencil. In fact, it is a pen that has inspired the design of this unique floor lamp. The No. 2 pencil used to write in school is now the star of this lamp. It’s actually a very interesting and inspiring, especially for a workspace.

Pencil Floor Lamps

Pencil Floor Lamps

The bars that form the base of the lamp is made of wood and have a vibrant painted finish, like the originals. There are three colors that form the base. This is a reproduction of near real pencil and even write in them. The lam also includes ablack colored wire with a polarized plug.

  • Details

    • Overall:18″ diameter, 58″ high
    • Shade: 12″ diameter, 15.5″ high
    • Cord: 6′ long
    • Bulb: 100 watts, type A (not included)
    • Weight: 12.5 pounds


    • Dust with a soft, dry cloth.
    • To protect the finish, do not apply abrasives or household cleaners.
    • Clean with a soft dry, cloth or static duster.
    • Do not exceed specified wattage.
  • The overall dimensions of this unique pen lamp is 18 “diameter, 58” high. The shade measures 12 “diameter, 15.5” high and the power cord is 6 ‘long. The lamphas 100 watts, type A. It’s a great article, fun and functional at the same time. Thatwould be a great addition to the house of the workspace, or even in the office or work area related. Now you can, but the lamp on sale for the special price ofEUR188.28 (it was originally € 234.58).

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    Pencil Floor Lamps

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