Modern Black Roxy Whirlwind Bedding

contemporary black bedding collection

contemporary black bedding collection

Tourbillon collection Roxy bedding a contemporary look and elegant design with a block consists of dynamic and futuristic 3D globes in a collection in blackbackground.The Whirlwind Roxy bedding includes a comforter and two pillowsshams. Available $ 29.99 – $89 . 99 This colorful bedding is perfect for those withactive lifestyles and colorful, too, because it is representative of mood and style -such as youth and women. The set provides an extra touch of color and movement to your bedroom and give an appearance of motion. The bottom of the blanket canbe black, but only to contrast with the swirl of colored orbs even more visible and obvious. In this way, you will appreciate the futuristic design. Sheets and pillowcasesare cotton comfortable, so they offer the perfect touch for a night’s sleep, while theouter part of the quilt – you know the fabric for the design is made entirely ofpolyester crazy. Therefore, we recommend washing machine that the right temperature. No additional requirements to it and the end result is that everything is fresh and “alive”, which makes your room like that.

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contemporary black bedding collection

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