Makoto Yamaguchi Cafe House Inspiring Residential Home

Makoto Yamaguchi Cafe House

Makoto Yamaguchi Cafe House

Café-House, Contemporary Home Design from Makoto Yamaguchi. Makoto Yamaguchi Japanese study has completed the design of a dwelling that serves as a cafe in the suburbs of Tokyo. “Coffee / Akiyama house” structure is a single-storey wooden interior, which is negotiating on commercial and domestic areas. having a frame number of windows of width, the design space is expanded by 120 m2 blur the boundary on the inside and outside.

A young Japanese architect Makoto Yamaguchi designed this particular architecture in Tokyo and the Café concept and contemporary chamber in place. Coffee is located in the basement and the rest of the house is ideal for residential use, the main idea of this project is that the combination of nature adorn the living room and a designer makes a house for an open space, subject to six small gardens around the buildings have been designed. The creator will also be close to nature, using mainly wood in disrepair, and some paint, but also in natural colors. Most of the rooms are very simple and minimalist design, hard and durable furniture made of wood, of course. And if the flooring and interior doors. The rooms have large windows with magnificent views of the garden with little problems inside or outside, but go with the room of the house. It’s almost as if life in the forest, but with all the comforts of home.

Images Credit: Makoto Yamaguchi Design

project info:

structural Café House design: yasutaka konishi (konishi structural engineers)
lighting Café House design: mayumi kondo (luxie)
structure Café House: wooden construction
Café House site area: 281.80 m2
Café House building area: 119.76 m2
Café House total floor area: 119.76 m2

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Makoto Yamaguchi Cafe House

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