Luxurious House

Luxurious House - living room

Luxurious House – living room

When you see this opulent, impressive Villa, Luxurious House by the architect Muhammad Taher, it is almost inconceivable that it could be located in Qatar, both the poorest of all Arab countries. It stands as a testament to the immense wealth now in Qatar and lift the richest among his colleagues States. You reach the villa through the main entrance with a vaulted ceiling and soaring staircase sensuous curve. As in the entry, touches of gold found in the villa in virtually every conceivable surface. The richest of exotic wood and the finest European fabrics adorn each room. A collections at auction Villa are vast, as are the decorative friezes of sculptures and wall reliefs detailed decadent. Lost for a moment in this palace-villa fit like royalty.

Entry of breathtaking Villa is opulent beyond words with its high ceilings, decorative wall friezes, marble and gold accented finish.

Main dining room of the house has a dining table richly carved and finished 12 rooms surrounded by richly upholstered chairs covered in velvet.

A view of the great dome highlighted by glass windows milky color. A huge chandelier hanging from the center as the curves gently ladder cage around the perimeter of the door.

The large living room is presented in the most formal but seems very warm and welcoming. It is filled with a treasure trove of vintage and contemporary furniture in the finest fabrics and finishes.

While the living room of the villa is luxuriously equipped, you feel more causal than the other rooms with leather and suede club chairs, stone block walls and contemporary bar stools.

This view shows part of the show of opulence found in the rest of the villa. Vintage picture frames decorated with golden highlights in decorative wall panels.

Images Credit: Muhammad Taher

Luxurious House Pictures

Luxurious House - Best

Luxurious House – Best

Luxurious House - Cabinet

Luxurious House – Cabinet

Luxurious House - ceiling

Luxurious House – ceiling

Luxurious House - dining room

Luxurious House – dining room

Luxurious House - dining room idea

Luxurious House – dining room idea

Luxurious House - domed ceiling

Luxurious House – domed ceiling

Luxurious House - living room idea

Luxurious House – living room idea

Luxurious House - staircase

Luxurious House – staircase

Luxurious House - Wooden

Luxurious House – Wooden

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