Japanese Living Room Layout

Japanese Living Layout

Japanese Living Layout

What is your idea to talk about Japan right? Perhaps the first thing that came to mind of a Japanese living room was the focus of activities has a beautiful interior design, furniture and natural materials, with a minimalist interior design and warm and has the flexibility to reconfigure the creation of multi-purpose room to maximize space.

Japanese partitions room divider screen is made of paper or screens that allow indirect Shoji uniform illumination in a room and could also create intimacy generally used to create the interior walls are divided between Japan and the room of a another, such as living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Another of the features found in modern classrooms traditional Japanese elements based on Japanese interior design tokonoma, an art exhibition that will become a simple Japanese view of life as a painting, the arrangement of the art of ikebana, or Japanese calligraphy. Tatami, Japanese traditional carpets made from rice straw. Fusuma, Japanese sliding panels which are usually made of wood and paper or cloth.

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Japanese Living Layout

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