Italian Lamborghini bed

Italian Lamborghini bed from Magniflex

Italian Lamborghini bed from Magniflex

This attractive bed Lamborghini furniture is a product comes from the new bedding, furniture Magniflex, an Italian manufacturer of bedding that is presented this product to Las Vegas Furniture Market to be held September 14 to 19 The bed has the Canine logo and colors of Lamborghini and comes with a mattress accented with the same subject. Lamborghini queen mattress is priced at $ 1,999.

Tonino Lamborghini is a luxurious collection defined by comfort and style. They feature bold designs with rich vibrant colors and color combinations. The pieces look powerful and alive with these vibrant and rich colors; they are meant to go unnoticed into the décor. Luxury interiors and accessories for exclusive homes, hotels & executive offices. Exclusive Italian furniture.

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Italian Lamborghini bed Pictures

Italian Lamborghini bed - Magniflex

Italian Lamborghini bed – Magniflex

Tonino Lamborghini Furniture Collection

Tonino Lamborghini Furniture Collection

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Italian Lamborghini bed - MagniflexItalian Lamborghini bed from MagniflexTonino Lamborghini Furniture Collection

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