How to prepare your home for winter

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If winter is here, can cope with the preparation of the season will be far behind? It is time to prepare your home for winter. A number of tips that can be of great help in this direction.

house in winter

house in winter

Insulation: Do not allow the proper temperature in your room out. Adding a new layer of attic insulation is a must.

State of the oven: an annual review by a professional is a must. Duct cleaning filters monthly and replace the oven leave it running smoothly. A programmable thermostat is a better option than the traditional method. In the case of a water heating system, changing the water by opening valves a little more and close when the water appears.

Chimney: To finish off the top of the chimney prevents birds, rats or squirrels to enter. Clean the fireplace and make sure the damper is working properly. Firewood should be stored in a dry place. If mortar is old or broken must be replaced immediately.

Worth a visit: The weather stripping around doors and windows should be reviewed and, if necessary, should be replaced. Inspect the cracks around pipes and electrical connections in an asset or liability at the wall. Be closed religiously. If your house has old glass windows, it’s time to consider replacing windows and doors insulating glass.

Roof: Any damaged shingles wreak havoc during the winter months. Therefore, the inspection of the cover becomes an integral part. If damaged or missing tiles, which must be replaced.

Gutters: Locked channels can cause basement flooding when the snow melts.Therefore, it must be cleaned.

Facilities: the time dedicated facilities should be kept in a state ready for use. Snow plows are listening. Ice helicopters and an ice pack should be kept ready.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide, the carbon monoxide detectors should be near the furnace or water heater. Is to verify that carbon monoxide detectors or smoke are in good condition.

Pipe Freezing: If you are on vacation during the winter, let the heat in the pipe to prevent cracking due to frost.

Exterior: Sensitive plants in pots to be moved to a shadow, to save them from freezing. Cut the trees outside.

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house in winter

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