How To Organize Small Bedroom

The organization is the key not only to perfect order and clutter-free apartments and houses, but also saves valuable space in small homes. As always, the organization of a small bedroom should start by checking the sound. Sort and get rid of thosethings that are completely useless. This will make it easier to find space for thingsyou need.

how to organize small bed room

how to organize small bed room


Bed has an obvious function, but also serves as a closet or vanity, it’s time to get a wardrobe and a dressing table or side. A bit of storage space under the bedmattress is very useful feature for storing spare sheets, blankets and pillows.

Storage Units

A side table is useful for storing small things like favorite books, glasses, combs, and others. The use of vanity mirror storage of cosmetics, accessories, etc.. You can also use storage boxes or baskets to store books, clothing and shoes under the bed.

how to small bedroom

how to small bedroom

Use shelves for books, CDs, and other personal things, but keep it simple and notcluttered. The boxes are ideal for storing small items. You can use decorativestorage boxes under the tables, bed, wardrobe and shelves to maximize storage space and still keep things organized.

more tips

Curtains, dividers and screens can help create a working space inside the small room. Furniture with hidden storage space will provide more storage space and reduce clutter of the room.

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how to small bedroom

how to small bedroom

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how to organize small bed roomhow to small bedroom

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