How To Organize Closet

Organization saves space and keeps things under control and congestion. Closet organization requires planning and management. Sort the clothes to remove the items are not worn or things can save a lot of closet space. Choose your favorite clothes and recycle the rest – a donation to charity or take it to the thrift store. This first step in organizing the closet.

how to organize clothes

how to organize clothes

Arrange Clothes

Have clothes for every closet area. Some things require hooks, others can be stored in drawers and shelves. Some cabinets have large set of drawers, shelves and other storage devices for different types of clothing. Choose carefully where to store and organize it and fold clothes carefully to avoid damage and disorder.

Divide by Type

To make it easier to organize your clothes can be divided by type. Blouses, pants, skirts, shirts, etc. separately store or color. Also divide the clothes according to season and with a special department for seasonal clothing. Therefore, the summer clothes and winter is not just hanging out together.

Footwear & Accessories

There are a number of ways to store shoes and accessories. There are plastic containers suspended from shoes, shoe racks, shelves and accessories. They can also be stored in the storage of boxes, cases and jewelry boxes.

Manage Space

Management of closet space can help avoid congestion and disorder. If there are shelves for boxes and containers that you can consider adding them. If pills are not enough storage boxes and baskets can be useful for storage, accessories, socks and other things.

Practice Organization

The cabinet practices once a week to keep things clean and folded. Sort the things that go to the laundry and put all the clothes in place. He saw a worn-out or a new item that you’ve never used? Throw in the trash.

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how to organize clothes

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