Green Solution House by Danish architects

Green Solution House

Green Solution House

Green Solution House by Danish architects. Danish architects have created a hotel conference center and depends on experimental renewable energy for power and is made from recyclable materials.Named green house solution, the conference center was built on the island of Bornholm in Denmark. Many innovative environmental measures incorporated into this building, which is unique in the world, the architects say they will set a benchmark for sustainable construction in the future.

House green solution was conceptualized by 3XN architects. The design features of solar energy for electricity generation unit and a rainwater collection to store and clean rain water for reuse. Integrated green homes will be built to produce fruits and vegetables. The design also incorporates many dynamic features that continue to provide an inspiring experience for visitors for a long period. These features make the building a showroom that displays live the most advanced technologies for a sustainable lifestyle.

Construction industry is one of the largest producers of waste. According to the architects, 30 percent of the total waste in Denmark is produced by the construction of new buildings, renovation and demolition of the old. An important contribution is also made for roads, railways, tunnels and other structures which are filling up fast mega urban landscape. The data is more alarming to other countries.

Conference Center “Green Solution House” Takes Sustainability to a New Level / 3XN

According to the sustainable development report 2009, United Kingdom (UK) produced more than 100 million tons of construction waste a year. 40 percent of this waste ends up in landfills. Additional data provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said that about 330 million tons of construction waste is produced in the country every year. The enormous amount of construction waste to produce not only environmental problems but also create a huge financial burden for the government. A lot of taxpayers’ money is spent each year to dispose of this waste in a landfill. Only in the UK, the removal of construction waste should be about 8 pounds per ton per year 2013.

However, the new building, as discussed here, shows that construction waste is not a problem, but could be a solution for the future. It will be built with recycled materials. There are also provisions for recycling or composting of waste produced daily in the center. The architects say the solution of Green House is a “building in continuous development.” Its dynamic nature improve the reputation of the island of Bornholm, which is famous as a tourist destination popular with professional congress organizers. It will achieve the vision of transforming the island into one of the most ambitious complex of the European community to promote sustainable living.

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Green Solution House architects

Green Solution House architects

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