The Largest Solar Bridge Green Megastructures

The world’s dependence on solar power is increasing, let out other renewable energy sources (currently, sunlight is the most common renewable energy that is currently used). This has become almost mandatory that the excessive use of conventional energy sources has led to global warming, diminishing supplies and deposits of fossil fuels and an energy crunch cure always. Solar energy has found its application in almost all kinds of products. There are phones, laptops solar solar, solar refrigerators, cars and solar energy now we have a station that feed the power received by a sun deck. Let’s take a look at the world’s largest solar bridge.

Green megastructures Solar Bridge

Green megastructures Solar Bridge

The mega structure

Bridges and stations are one of the most critical and business-generating urban infrastructure. Unfortunately, they are also among the first consumers of fuel and likely venues, which are the energy flows from being blown into the air regularly. Today there is pressure on countries to reduce their emissions flamboyant greenhouse gas emissions and also energy consumption. Thus, the natural home would be places like this, better not talk about cars (I personally believe that no car manufacturer left in the world that does not chew his senses by presenting the green things on the roads. Roads, bridges and stations now wait to face the same fate). Well, London is all set to become the role model in this aspect because it will house the largest bridge in the solar world.

Come 2012, the city will have a brand new station, or rather a renovated station that looks like quite a new brand of Blackfriars across the Thames. The resort promises to be powered by solar energy. Blackfriars Station was built way back in 1884 and is long overdue for a makeover. The project started is potentially huge and require a huge expenditure as £ 5.5 billion. It is fully accredited to the rail network and has been aptly named the Thameslink project. Now, this is a great movement where the 2012 Olympic Games are only on maps. The city to see a significant addition to its population and a large increase in energy consumption. The number of daily commuters would increase significantly and thus the energy requirement would increase by leaps and bounds.

There are 100 bridges, six public ferries and 20 tunnels that pass over the river. However, Blackfriars station stand out because it will be the only one to be powered by solar panels. When the project is completed, the station will be adorned with better features and facilities. Longer trains, rail traffic increased, greater accessibility to the tracks will some of them. As an example of a fence, about 24 trains trace the route from Bedford to Brighton via London in an hour.

What makes it mega?

The company is supporting this project Solar Century. With regard to this name introductions, Solar Century is a leading name in the panorama of the solar energy is growing at a pace head spin. SANYO Electric Co. Ltd., the flagship Panasonic will also be involved in this project because it will produce high efficiency solar modules for the bridge.

The bridge to solar power when finished will generate a huge 9,00,000 kwh of electric energy. The entire module is a bit like this – there would be 6,000 square meters in extent between the station and the bridge Blackfrairs Victorian to be completely covered by solar panels. At the end, the bridge would be capable enough to support the energy needs of 50% of the station, even if it is full of activity the most. The requirement elongated bridge station would not be much, just a staggering statistic of 14,000 tons of new material.

Eco credentials

Coming to the most important eco-friendliness of the bridge. Well, the obvious thing is that the bridge will produce green energy and thus contribute to increased efforts for ‘lower carbon footprint. ” The expected reduction in carbon emissions are within the range of 511 tonnes.

The bridge was covered by 4,400 solar panels. In addition, the project would also include the establishment of system of rainwater harvesting and solar tubes from the station to add to the green aspect.

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Green megastructures Solar Bridge

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