Green Leaf Sustainable Community Living in Bangladesh

sustainable community living Bangladesh

sustainable community living Bangladesh

The trio of JET architecture, architects and landscape architects JCI Terraplan the challenge of designing the road Green projects with innovative technology to make it economical and feasible. The main challenge comes from the climatic conditions of heat and humidity that exist in Bangladesh. Dhaka naturally faces the heat island effect and has a dense atmosphere. It has the highest annual rainfall among all countries. These advantages have become a smart design.

The building envelope has been designed with the textures of the vegetation and the vernacular. Outdoor architecture was adopted in which the interior and exterior spaces are interchangeable. The vegetation of the area was used as a design element in the front, so that the landscape of Bengal in the complex. Bios wales joined along the edges of the streets to prevent overflow of water. They also serve as a leakage of rainwater, which in turn supplies water to irrigate gardens and parks. The planning of heavy rains, the roofs were planted to mitigate the runoff water and help water retention.

Green planning has gone into the design also help mitigate the heat island effect.This helps reduce overall energy consumption for cooling. The green belt also acts as a natural air filtration and purification system. The houses were lined up to get maximum ventilation and sunlight on both sides. The vegetation has been used as natural barriers and boundaries of the different spaces. Therefore, we have a sense of living among the trees with all modern amenities. The trees used are the full range of rapid growth and so the green is in quick time. In this green area has been formed to grow in the buildings to plan the green leaf.

There is underground parking and reducing traffic congestion in the streets.Public areas of interest are very centrally located and were given ample space.Along the periphery and sides are private gardens and patios. Also incorporated into the architecture of the building for maximum effect and maximum aesthetics.Such a community project in Bangladesh is an example for growth and sustainable development that integrates beauty with functionality.

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sustainable community living Bangladesh

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