Gio Aqua Bedding

A great design is not just for adults. Pamper your child with our collection of Gio Aquabedding. With a pattern inspired by Danish and Italian toys of the 1960 and 70 and a color palette inspired by Italian designer Gio Ponti interior, a hotel in Sorrento, this design brings joy and style to any room d ‘teenager. Now fans can play make believewith Gio’s squirrel, kangaroo, snail and clover motifs.

aqua bedding collection

aqua bedding collection

Set includes one twin comforter duvet cover and tailored sham (both in the atmosphere flat plate) The game includes a full duvet cover and two positions (both inthe boardroom flat) sheet set includes two flat sheet, and the case bottom sheet, fullsheet set includes flat sheet, fitted sheet and two cases.

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aqua bedding collection

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