Fun Rugs Bobby Jack BFF-Text

Pink Texting Bobby Jack Friends Fun Rug-BFF

Pink Texting Bobby Jack Friends Fun Rug-BFF

This trendy pink Bobby Jack BFF Text rug from Fun Rugs will appeal to girls who like texting or who know all the text abbreviations. A giant sized BFF! sets the tone of friendship and fun in this exciting area rug. Bobby Jack features twice – lying on top of the words “Bobby Jack”, and hanging out with friend Moose (the mouse). Texting abbreviations of BFF! OMG! and LOL! run across the pink background of this rug.

This rug offers plenty of fun and comes in two sizes, ensuring the correct fit for your child’s room. Constructed by machine from durable 100% nylon, this area rug can handle plenty of wear and tear.

This Bobby Jack rug is perfect for the girl who likes texting her friends. The sense of fun and friendship in this trendy rug will allow your child to express her personality and interests. Additionally, the girl-approved bright pink color will also brighten her room year-round.

Images Credit: Bobby Jack

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Pink Texting Bobby Jack Friends Fun Rug-BFF

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