Decorating with a World Flair

Taking into account travel and modern technology decorating, our oceans are reduced and the boundaries between nations have disappeared, and the result is a greater flow than ever to new ideas and energy.

Now you can hold a number of cultures without leaving your home decorating with a touch world. A mixture of elements – whether Sweden Asia, or India – to infuse a room with a memorable presence and personality.

You can worship Hurricane lamps, wooden blinds, fabric dyeing and bright colors like sky blue and lemon yellow and did not know they have their roots in the Caribbean.

all pair delectable cuisine with old world flair decor

all pair delectable cuisine with old world flair decor

In addition, the black colonial style furniture decorating – much of the bold sculpture – now coveted was produced by British settlers who occupied the islands long ago. With a ceiling fan decorating, some well-chosen pieces of cane, and a number of large plants can evoke a similar environment, without much expense.

Look beyond the style that you are familiar with, and a stunning world of ideas awaits!

Materials that have grown to love like bamboo, porcelain, lacquer, silk, and bronze, for example, are all products of Asia, a country that inspired the architects and designers ever.

Fine furniture from Asia and the design of the fabrics had a dramatic effect on the Arts and Crafts in the 30’s. Military personnel who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam Asian furniture with them, and the interest it has raised U.S.

Now, with most trade barriers down, many parts of Asia sought are readily available and accessible. Room derivatives, for example, Japanese aesthetics gives a soothing, Zen-like atmosphere, which is exactly what we need to relieve the stress of daily pressures. For this type of decorating timeless, a work less is better.
Since the walls with square images than any other area in the living room wall coverings are one of the most simple and rapid breathing or a living room with an Asian.

Go global with models that mimic natural materials like granite, bamboo, cork and subtle earth tones, or for more drama, to investigate a woven fabric or metallic copper or gold grass lawn. Neutral color flooring such as sisal or seagrass mats allow your furniture to stand out and your room look light and airy than before.

For a breath of fresh air, without demolition of the East all the furniture and accessories in the room to invest in a beautiful room. A Japanese ladder or make sure a table decorated with Chinese antiques is better than a room full of young players. To ensure that his new star seems to belong, be sure to keep the scale constant.

Accessories Band space, then carefully add in those who carry the message to the right. Minor changes, like changing the hardware on a desk hand-me-down in metal handles inspired by characters from the languages ​​of Asia will have a huge impact.

And when it comes to flowers, do what designers do: a stash of elegant apple blossom branches or delicate yellow forsythia (which may require its own spring of each year) are much brighter in a room with an Asian-inspired layout demanding.

Accessories from India and Morocco are very current and popular. Search throws, pillows dazzling like a Bedouin tent flooring, and low cost but carefully selected artifacts. Pretty jacquard panels hung window or Indian-inspired black and red hand-thrown pots from Tunisia exude an intriguing taste away. Spice up your private life, too.

Balinese bed playing with the mound of pillows and lush layers of velvet brocade duvet covers and Moroccan create a scene to the right of a thousand and one nights. Place a hand-woven carpets of Turkey in soft golden tones toes is the first thing every morning.

Visit the shops and galleries that specialize in imported furniture and carpets and art. A beautiful 20th century kimono hanging on the wall is an exotic accent. Design centers, stores, furniture stores and catalogs offer a wide variety of furniture and accessories internationally inspired to try any of the pagodas cheap lamps hand-carved and painted Chinese country baskets storage devices in China, such as books, CDs , tapes and other media.

From the top of the world comes another breeze to design a simple type refined and well-being of the attitude, but with a totally different place. Originally a mid 18th century under the influence of King Gustav III, is an aspect of Scandinavian style that glides effortlessly into place in a modern, open design.

Features that appeared long ago – fine furniture, the rooms clean and decorating paints – they embraced again. The spare lines and orderly, harmonious interiors to satisfy our need to slow down and appreciate the little things in life, as the inclination of the morning sun on bare soil or the silence that surrounds the house when the snow a grave .

Born in a country deprived of sunlight for months, invents a light Swedish style of their own rooms painted in bright colors blue and white ice coupe. Despite these colors make up the classic recipe, it will do the same with painting the walls (sheet rock), the range of pale green or pink.

Spoils of a single or a border of summer flowers painted on the wall is traditional and adds visual interest in a living room, bedroom or bathroom. Walls are also suitable, but must be difficult to scale. Blue and white tiles (try with a decorating edge behind the kitchen sink or bathroom or around the home) are standard.

Veto dark floors, dark wood to light wood such as beech or ash, or hide an existing floor under a layer of white paint. Curtains should be simple, unbleached muslin. If you can not live without a flash of color, gingham is nice and also in light of the statement.

Dark wood furnishings the atmosphere of winter break, and nothing brings a group of mismatched furniture better than a pure white coat. A word of caution: the rooms are equipped with Swedish furniture and what is not widely used is carefully arranged around a focal point like a ceramic stove or fireplace. Change what you have until a few pieces ones at home.

Get the look

  • Cover pillows or upholstery fabric batik.
  • Part of a great age of the world map in the dining room or living room.
  • Bleach floors and walls to shape the Scandinavian decorating.

All these styles can live at home. It’s just a matter of making some decisions and finding the right materials. Upon entering his home with a smile, I know you did it right.

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A Decorating style that has always been a popular art and crafts. For an example of arts and crafts room decorating style, see the following page decorating.

Decorating with a World Flair Pictures

a real world flair that makes this furniture perfect

a real world flair that makes this furniture perfect

Decorating with a World Flair bedroom

Decorating with a World Flair bedroom

living room decorating Old World Spanish flair

living room decorating Old World Spanish flair

World Flair Decorating-The sheer, breezy drapes and bare wood evoke Argentina

World Flair Decorating-The sheer, breezy drapes and bare wood evoke Argentina

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a real world flair that makes this furniture perfectall pair delectable cuisine with old world flair decorDecorating with a World Flair bedroomliving room decorating Old World Spanish flairWorld Flair Decorating-The sheer, breezy drapes and bare wood evoke Argentina

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