Cozy Boys Bedroom Makeover

Boys Bedroom Makeover

Boys Bedroom Makeover

Here is a Cozy boy’s bedroom makeover. The transition from crib to bed is very important for kid’s. Of course, this is notthe only bed you need to get a makeover. The whole room needs a change. See how others dealt with it and find inspiration for their work. Cozy boy’s bedroom makeover becomes sophisticated Hertzler Kathleen. He managed to convert the rainbow and pastel colors in neutral tones of gray. The kids’s has become a big boy’s bedroom.

The boy’s bedroom makeover 

boy’s bedroom makeover now has a cozy and rustic. There is much more sophisticated than before. The walls are neutral colors and the roof is dark. These items are perfectfor the transition and look beautiful in combination with gingham curtains that perfectly complement the bedroom. The room is very comfortable and welcoming.The designer spent several nights and Saturdays a bit in about 3 weeks to redecorate the room. The cost was very low. Only includes painting, ceiling fanand light jam jar. Everything else was already present in the room and was reused.

boy’s bedroom makeover – After

boy’s bedroom makeover We will analyze the steps. First, the room had to be repainted. This has completely changed the atmosphere. The kids’s bedroom suddenly a new space. The tedious was decomposing wood, sanding and cleaning of the gaskets and reassemble it on the roof. After this part is done, the space needed to be redecorated. The designer uses vintage items that the owners had collected over the years and has included in the new design. The new boy’s bedroom makeover design is elegant and sophisticated.

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Boys Bedroom Makeover

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