Cove Park Container Buildings in Rosneath, U.K.

Cove Park Container Buildings

Cove Park Container Buildings

Talk about an amazing location for a shipping container home! The Rosneath-based arts center, Cove Park, overlooks the stunning Loch Long in Scotland, and, since 2002, has had a set of container buildings, known as The Cubes. The first three Cubes housed accommodation units, while another two sets of three were built in 2006, as additional residential and studio units.

The buildings were designed by Urban Space Management, a firm that didn’t just build the Cove Park Cubes, but developed a whole city of containers in London as seen above!

Cove Park is a centre for established artists situated on the west coast of Scotland in 50 acres of spectacular countryside.
In 2002, Container City created three en-suite accommodation units (known as ‘cubes’) to act as artist retreats. In order to blend into the rural surroundings sliding glass doors were installed that lead out onto the decked balcony that extends over a lake with beautiful views of Loch Long.
Due to the success of the first three units, three more have been commissioned and are due for completion in June 2006.
I got far more work done than I ever imagined. My cube was a brilliant space – it never occurred to me that I could work, let alone sleep, in a freight container!”
Cube resident Edward Kemp, playwright and theatre director


Completed: 2002
Installation time: 3 days
Architect / Developers: USM Ltd
Location: Peaton Hill, Argyll & Bute, G84 0PE, Scotland
Containers used: 6
Units created: 3
Use: Creative industrieslive / work space
Images Credit:  Cove Park

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Cove Park Container Buildings

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