Country Style Decorating Interior Design

Country Style Decorating Interior

Country Style Decorating Interior

modernholic facility where information on all the needs of home decorating and inspiration on house construction. This is a Country Style Decorating Interior Design. Country Style Interior Design is comfortable and warm, like keeping the chalet style,because it is simple and comfortable. There are many different designs in different cultural style rustic, with period features and a style that was relevant to different countries. So you can find these types of styles in each country and in French,English countryside, American countries, countries in the country Italian or Tuscan, and modern.

Each type of style country has taken the characteristics of culture, which was used in the English country side is relaxed and comfortable. Includes flowers, and manystripes, plaids and gingham. Wood is everywhere in the shadows of the English country side looking unfinished.

The French Country style decorating is characterized by deep and bright colors – eggplant, lavender, yellow, blue. The colors are found in floral and animal motifs. The furniture is solid and basic.

Rustic Italian, also known as Tuscany is warm and rustic. Incorporates the colors of ocher, terracotta, yellow gold and green. The parquet and fireplaces are naturalstone. Unfinished pieces of wood and textured walls accentuate the rustic feel.

Style American countries has its main characteristic simplicity. The furniture can be stained, painted or unfinished.

Modern country style has a more modern look. Integrate the modern art, furniture and lighting design, which is out of date, but still warm and occupied.

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Country Style Decorating Interior

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