Coffee Table from IKEA HEMNES

I like things delicate and carefully designed and decorated, but still I like the simple things better. I think this is because I live in a smallish apartment and would like more space. As you know, the simple design of the furniture makes your home look bigger and creates the notion of space, in contrast with all the trimmings and accessories of a period piece of furniture, for example. Well, I found this coffee table from IKEA HEMNES and loved it. This is my dream coffee table perfect: not too big or too small, or perfect for a couple of people sitting around drinking a cup of steaming coffee and have some fun around it.

COffee Table from hemnes IKEA

COffee Table from hemnes IKEA

Images Credit: IKEA HEMNES Coffee Table
This square coffee table made of wood and this makes it a little hotter than a glass and steel table, and also to establish more personal. It has a life under the table and can be used to store magazines, books or other items that remain close to the coffee table. The table is available in black (my favorite), gray and white and can be purchased for $ 119.

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COffee Table from hemnes IKEA

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