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Born February 2, 1954, in Malibu, California. Blonde, blue-eyed and athletic, Christie Brinkley embodies the all-American look that dominated the fashion industry in the 1980s.

Although Brinkley was born into the glitz and glamour of the West Coast media scene—her father is television producer and writer Don Brinkley—she harbored artistic ambitions from an early age. In 1972, at the age of 18, Brinkley moved to Paris to enroll in art school.

She then worked as an illustrator for three years before she caught the attention of an American photographer on the street. Despite some initial hesitancy to abandon her creative work for the high-pressure world of modeling, Brinkley soon became one of the most sought after faces in the business.

In the 1980s Brinkley was featured on over 200 magazine covers. She adorned three consecutive Sports Illustratedswimsuit edition covers (1979-1981). She endorsed a number of commercial products including Cover Girl cosmetics, Prell shampoo, and Chanel perfume.

Her attempts to branch out into film and television included a brief appearance as Chevy Chase’s dream girl inNational Lampoon’s Vacation (1983). She also appeared in a video for then-husband Billy Joel’s pop hit “Uptown Girl.”

After the birth of her first daughter, Alexa Ray, in 1985, Brinkley became a poster girl for the workingwoman image, retaining her sex appeal while simultaneously juggling career and family goals. But with the 1980s on the wane and ethnic diversity the latest rage in the fashion world, the demand for Brinkley’s all-American charm faded.

Her major projects in the 1990s included a short-lived talk show on CNN called Living in the 90s. She is currently a spokesperson for the Total Gym line of fitness products.

Now in her fifties, Brinkley continues to model, serving as a representative for the Cover Girl cosmetics line. She is also active in many charities, including the Susan G. Komen Foundation and UNICEF.

Brinkley’s first marriage to Jean-Francois Allaux ended in divorce in 1981 and yielded no children. Her much-publicized marriage to pop superstar Billy Joel assured Brinkley continual public scrutiny. The two married in 1985 and had a daughter, Alexa Ray, that same year. The marriage lasted nine years.

A brief marriage to real estate developer Richard Taubman yielded a son, Jack Paris, in 1995.

Brinkley wed architect Peter Cook in 1996 and in 1998 gave birth to a second daughter, Sailor Lee. The couple filed for divorce in 2006 after Cook reportedly had an affair. After a lengthy—and rather nasty—divorce trial, they settled out of court in July 2008.

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