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I love modern furniture, but somehow I think the old furniture, children under 50 yearshas a patina that gives it a certain respectability, style and something that appeals to people around him. Is that air of nobility that shines around these objects belonging to the royal family, these objects have been inherited from generation togeneration. This beautiful table by mid-century Czech, is a beautiful piece of furniturethat adorn every room. It is very simple in design, however, draws attention to style and elegance.

Czech century Coffee Table

Czech century Coffee Table

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The legs are solid beech and look very sleek, slim and elegant, even. The board isan interesting combination of beech and finished in white formica that looks great in a modern, but in a traditional classroom. The image is a bit too high for my taste, but some people like that. Is authentic and was made in the Czech Republic some time ago, in the middle of the twentieth century. It is beautiful and attracts attention and is a complete, since it is both useful and functional but also decorative. If you like the subject and Wat bad, you can buy on the website for $ 800.

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Czech century Coffee Table

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