Monday, 24 Sep 2018
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indirect lighting room designs

Indirect Wall Lighting Room

Check out this great idea of ​​DIY wall uplight lighting in the room that could make the atmosphere of your room looks more modern warmth and beauty. The value of the decorating DIY project offers a small amount of investment with some basic material costs about 40 euros (55 dollars). This beautiful room indirect lighting […]

Asisi LED System

Lighting System Inspiration

Technological developments are to be spread and new inventions like lighting plantings created. If you are looking for a lighting planter, you can still get the right outdoor decor for day and night. You can enjoy your rhymes and night with a sense of tranquility because of plant lighting. It can also increase the performance […]

Elegant Mini Chandelier in Porcelain by leporcellane

Gorgeous Options for Room Lighting Idea

Lighting is a very important aspect of a house. Without sufficient lighting, a house will look either dark or spooky. Besides, lighting can be considered as important decoration as well. It is because any room inside a house needs lighting no matter what. So, what are the gorgeous options of lighting idea we recommend you […]

candle light bulbs Ideas

Candle light Bulbs

  Candle light Bulbs is Accessories Interior Designs. Candle-like bulbs, Charming flame tipped 3 watt large silicone dipped bulbs for when you want a softer glow as with children’s or family night lights. An energy efficient alternative with the safe soft cover and tail that produces an old fashioned ethereal glow like candle-light, only without […]

Modern Lamp Design by Lelabo, square panel

Modern Lamp Design by Lelabo

Modern Lamps design by LeLabo,The Bubble lamp collection features a unique lampshade of mesh, composed of a series of circles, or “bubbles.” The Fractale collection boasts the same characteristic mesh shade, only arranged with square and rectangular panels strung together. These elegant, high-end lamps are available in a variety of finishes, including jet black, white, […]

hanoi lamp by federico churba

Desk Lamp By Federico Churba

This lamp represents the simplicity and unique design. But, it still appear the harmonious complexity of shapes. the color and the design make the lamp look sophisticated. It is suitable to be placed in a desk to accompany us when work or read. It gives the warm and intimate atmosphere, because the shape reminds us to […]

interior design with recessed lighting

Kinds of Lighting

lighting is one element of beautiful room. lighting gives mood to your room. In this post, we will give you a pictures of the common terms used in lighting also feature some brilliantly lit bedrooms. Ambient Lighting is normally provided by a ceiling light and their intensity can be controlled with dimming switches. Care should […]

unique handmade lamp

Lighting Designs By Various Designers

Lighting is important thing in a building. Now, lighting’s function does not only light the rooms, but also accessories for a home. Now, some designers also design unique lamps in various shape and colors to complete the beauty of house. Here, there are some designers with his wonderful works which maybe can inspire you in […]

crown pendant lamp by formfjord

Amazing Crown Pendant Lamps By Formfjord

Crown is always connected to the king or queen. some people especially kids always dreamed to wear it in their head. but now, Formfjord bring the crown to your house, to make it your home more beautiful by the crown pendant lamp. The form is very unique with the color of each lamp. The designer has […]

Green Llum Built In Lighting Garden Pots

Lighting Up Your Park with Llum Built-In Lighting Garden

Your park will be bright even though without lamp. How is this possible? This could happen, if you use the surprise of the Spanish company Vondom. Creative ideas that change the potted plants into outdoor lighting in your home. Creative ideas is named Llum. Applying the idea of light in a pot that will help […]