Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018
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walking in green rugs garden decor carpet

Trendy Rugs Decor Collection by Dhesja

I really like the idea of ​​landing on a thick carpet, while reading an interesting book your map beautiful furniture from the shelves of the library of the city. It is very relaxing, especially with your favorite music and a cup of coffee on the coffee table furniture. If you also disagree with the idea […]

Forest Rug Natural

Living Room with Nature Themed Forest Carpet from Angela Adams Design

Creating a cool and refreshing on such topics as choosing the right show a natural idea. Keeping a natural touch to your home with this beautiful rugs designed by Angela Adams Forest and turn your living room into a haven of peace. Place the carpet on the forest floor in the space of your living […]

Pebbles Carpet by Neora Zigler

Carpet: Pebbles Gives Great Foot Massage

Here is a Carpet Made From Pebbles Gives Great Foot Massage. An Israeli designer creates a rug that incorporates real pebbles. Walking on them is like a foot massage! It is very common today to see ceramics and house hold objects that are designed to resemble nature. And carpets. As you can see the tracks made of stones, is unlikely to be found in your carpet. Inspired by this, the designer chose Israeli Zigler Neora sewing stones into the layers of synthetic fabric and […]

Leaf Pattern Clematis Rug

Leaf Pattern Clematis Rug

Stunning trailing leaf design. Heavyweight Polypropylene heat set with a wool like feel. The dominant color purple leaf pattern, this Rug is suitable to be placed in the woman’s room. Offering simple, serene motifs that range from an organic-inspired leaf pattern to a collage of structured geometric blocks, Moonwalk area rugs feature a fresh palette […]

Wars Rug

War Rugs from Afghanistan

offers art changes in Afghanistan, an Oriental rug is one adorned with traditional images of flowers, birds and medals. Dozens of handmade carpets that depict tanks, bombs, soldiers, helicopters and artillery pieces will be exhibited at the Museum, signaling what may be one of the most historic change in the centuries-old art form of rug […]

Fun Rugs Bobby Jack Blue and Green Dots Area Rug

Fun Rugs Bobby Jack Going Dotty

In this mischievous Bobby Jack Going Dotty rug by Fun Rugs, Bobby Jack the monkey is making a whole lot of fun about something he owns! Not content with being on the picture once, Bobby Jack features twice on this rug – one of these times upside-down. After all, what else would you expect from […]

carpets and rugs

How to Buy Carpets And Rugs

Looking at the numerous products on the market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with so many choices in carpeting. How do you know who is the leader in quality? If you are after an Oriental rug, for example, how do you know if the company sells at a fair price? It can be confusing, especially because it […]

Nice Pebble Rug Made of Wool Design

Nice Pebble Rug Made of Wool

Here is a nice pebble rug. With it design that similar to a real pebble. Rug that is designed by 2Form Design is made of 100% wool-like pebble formed genuine real. And built like a small stretch of beach pebble with their natural . Pebble rug is very soft and comfortable. It is suitable to […]

JABn Anstoetz Contemporaryn Rugs

Contemporary Rugs JAB Anstoetz

Bellow are some collection of contemporary rugs from JAB Anstoetz. Known for always presenting the high-pile carpets and rugs, JAB Anstoetz offer their rugs collection that have design so Cozy and soft, and features a wonderful depth and texture. These rugs are Made from the finest wool and using cutting-edge technology. Images Credit: jab

Pink Texting Bobby Jack Friends Fun Rug-BFF

Fun Rugs Bobby Jack BFF-Text

This trendy pink Bobby Jack BFF Text rug from Fun Rugs will appeal to girls who like texting or who know all the text abbreviations. A giant sized BFF! sets the tone of friendship and fun in this exciting area rug. Bobby Jack features twice – lying on top of the words “Bobby Jack”, and […]