Monday, 16 Jul 2018

Boca del Lobo Restaurant Interior In Ecuador

a tree in Boca del Lobo
inside Boca del Lobo Restaurant
inside Boca del Lobo Restaurant

In restaurant, some people just come to eat, and then go home. There are some people who like to spend much times in a restaurant. after eat, they like to talk and enjoy the restaurant’s atmosphere. because of that, restaurant’s owner not only think about their food and drink, but also how to design the restaurant in order people can stay there for long time.

The owner of Boca del Lobo also think about that. it is why they ask Jose Maria Sáez and Daniel Moreno to create the comfortable place. And they are success to make this restaurant different with the others. the floor has a lot of functions. As scenery, platform, and place to sit. the tree outside restaurant make this place more unique. it crossed the metal box frame and be iconic presence. the existing building wall was cut by machine to become new wall. They used wood as material for the roof, they also created space above the roof to allow large and continuing space. to make strong character of this place, they made the broadening by made a collage using three strips with different materials, such as, red recycled metal, religious iconography tile, the bar made of undressed lumber.

Images Credit: Jose Maria Sáez


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