Bedroom Storage Cabinet by Poltrona

Bedroom Storage Cabinet by Poltrona

Bedroom Storage Cabinet by Poltrona

Contemporary Oceano bedroom storage cabinet ideas from Poltrona Frau is a perfect choice for those who have limited space and need a compact furniture set in their contemporary home interior. The Oceano bedroom trunk will lend an elegant seafaring character to your bedroom.

The furniture set comes equipped with a plethora of storage options and in the drawers you can fit anything for all your necessities. Whether you choose to fill the Oceano with clothes, accessories or objects, you will delight at the drawers of all sizes inside the trunk. The designer was inspired by sea voyages so it would be perfect for cruise ships we think.

Upholstered in lightly padded Pelle Frau® leather on the exterior, the interior is of MDF drawers in milk or burntcolors, with accents of natural oak, chromed metal and Saddle hide. There is also the added benefit of a folding mini-desk and padded pouf, perfect for letter or journal writing. The new Oceano bedroom trunk from Poltrona Frau is trully something that everybody should have in their modern homes interior space.

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Bedroom Storage Cabinet by Poltrona

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