Beautiful Aluminum Facade System

aluminum Aluminum Facade System

aluminum Aluminum Facade System

Beautiful Aluminum Facade System Premium Residential Housing Market. The residential housing market recorded Mar del Plata steadily in recent years, to 2010 with an annual volume will approach a total of 220,000 m2. “These data are no longer a boom like that of 2007 but still a good level of major cities, of 0.40 m2 per inhabitant per year, as Mar del Plata has some 600,000 inhabitants, while in season climbs nearly three million people, “according to Mr. Luis Silva, president of the Chamber of Real Estate Developers brand of the city and director of the prestigious group Maral. He also stressed:

“Today Mar del Plata have more than 300 residential buildings under construction in different parts of the city, confirming that the housing market remains one of the best investment alternatives.”

The construction activity in Mar del Plata continues at a steady pace and currently being built about 300 residential buildings, according to figures provided by Mr. Luis Silva, Maral Group at the recent seminar MDQ Real Estate Report Real Estate. Technal, whose activity in this city began less than two years, is achieving a market share close to 30% with respect to the defendants growing aluminum facade system premium, tailored to the requirements of the maritime climate and comfort.

Within this scenario, the premium residential buildings account for approximately 20% of everything that is built into the residential market, located in the best areas of town on Playa Grande and in recent years at La Perla. Given the high climatic demands that cross the buildings for its location facing the sea, salt erosion, the intensity of the winds and the climatic difference between day and night, is being highly sought facade system Premium aluminum double glazed sealed and thermal break. Not only provide great comfort for its thermal and acoustic insulation, but also a valued concept of sustainability. Within this market, the French brand Technal, Hydro Building Systems, in less than two years has achieved a market share of around 30%, with over 4,000 m2 of walls and carpentry contractors.

Technal is working through its representative LTA Systems Engineering, with the main developers of this city, many high-end projects, both on the boards of architecture and implementation.

Include the development of the MX Geode façade for the building Biscayne Beach Premium, the renowned studio-Pérez Mariani and construction Maraviglia Coarco in Maritime and Paunero Boulevard Ave.

Also, Technal facades to the project develops Alfa I Arq Laura Resquensens and the work of the architect Eugenio Fernandez and Associates, a residential and office building for developer Drap, also at the center of the city. The latter will have a new system shutters Noteal with shading and natural ventilation, inspired by the one Technal settled in Spain for the celebrated architect Carlos Ferrater and adapted to the criteria of architect. Images Credit: Mr. Luis Silva

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premium Aluminum Facade System

premium Aluminum Facade System

Technal Aluminum Facade System

Technal Aluminum Facade System

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