Art Deco Decorating Style Interior Designs

Art Nouveau Interior Design With Its Style

Art Nouveau Interior Design With Its Style

modernholic facility where information on all the needs of home decorating and inspiration on house construction. This is a Art Deco Decorating Style Interior Designs. Art Deco is glamorous and elegant decor. He started to develop after World War Iand remained in the 1920’s and 30. Art Deco combines luxury, functionality, elegance and modernity. This mixture makes it so unique and beautiful. The stylehas combined fashion, jewelery, design and man-made materials such as stainless steel and incorporates luxury item in the industrial design that prevailed at the time.The clean lines and elegant designs resulting from the incorporation of modern architecture and design in this style of decoration.

Art Deco furniture is elegant in design and combines modern design and comfort. Is often lacquered wood and upholstery is black leather and velvet. Based in the art deco decor is modern and minimalist, not much color in it. Generally, bright colorscombined with black, chrome and gold accents dominate and light blue or gray are used to smooth the interior design.

The materials used for the Art Deco can be quiet expensive so it is a luxurious style.Sharkskin and zebra, ebony, precious woods and marble can be used in the decoration of Art Deco style. When choosing a color scheme for interior design in a choice of Art Deco style geometric prints for the furniture style of jazz and express to the fullest. The floor is smooth, white or black, usually white marble or tiles and blackplaid.

The lighting in the Art Deco style is simple in design as well as other interior accessories. Geometric shapes are integrated into the lighting design and use ofbronze, iron, chromium and glass. Art Deco textures are smooth and clean surfacesare lacquered to get the mirror effect. The authors are in bold décor that implies.

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Art Nouveau Interior Design With Its Style

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